Saturday, August 4, 2012


hello all,

this is my latest blog , i started to write something again :D from the past, i got a lot of knowledge from reading a lot of blog around the world so i try to be one that can share something and hope it can give some knowledges too. sorry before, my english not too good. :)

let's go to the main point, here i am going to share to all of you about my activities, and right now , i'm trying to make a project (making software). so, it means that i make this blog to share about software production only :D , but here i also still studying , so don't expect something more about this blog , we can just learning together. :D

I'm building my project right now , and when i start to write this blog i also starting to make my project, so there are no project at all before i write this, it just the begining and hope it will be continued. With writing i guess it will make more spirit to me and also a documentation.

thanks, i think enough for the introduction part. see you :D

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